Marketing Consulting

Quick-response assessments, effective brainstorming sessions, in-depth reviews & audits

I/O: Widest research possible
+ original thinking
= strategic support

Revising & Editing

Helping great writers perfect their copy drafts and manuscripts, one line at a time

I/O: Attention to detail
+ care for the big picture
= undisputed editing


Writing Short Forms

Brand names, captions, headlines, slogans, tag lines, SM posts

I/O: Infinite possibilities
+ relentless refining
= one memorable truth

Writing Medium-length Forms

Articles, blog posts, brochures, data sheets, case studies, e-mail campaigns, landing pages, letters, profiles, product pages, slide decks, web pages & sites

I/O: attention to detail
+ adherence to structure
= compelling sales tools

Writing Long Forms

E-books, guides, manuals, position papers, strategies, training content, white papers

I/O: Tons of research
+ lots of editing
= one flawless product