Finding even half of these qualities in the same person isn’t easy. You know this if you tried. We’ve got all ten under our belt:

1. Writing ability & language mastery

Three decades. Three languages. Three continents. International copywriting awards. E-books and trainings on writing. Praise from the best.

2. Domain knowledge & grasp of technology

Over 20 years of experience in writing about ICT. Over 20 technology fields covered, including AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Data, Digitization, FinTech, IoT, Logistics, MaaS, QA & Testing.

3. Creativity, originality and inventiveness

Known for novel ideas and bold solutions to problems. Able to resolve stalemates and jump curves with creative breakthroughs, against all odds and against the clock.

4. Business & Sales acumen

Hands-on selling experience. Expertise in setup & funding of projects (A&E, governance, NGO, the media etc.) Years of strategic advisory to global organizations and institutions.

5. Marketing experience & know-how

Production know-how in advertising, branding, content, digital, email marketing, inbound, promotional marketing, public relations, video & the web. Learned from the best.

6. Keen interest in IT trends and innovations

Early adopters of tools and gadgetry, always keeping tabs on how changing technology affects business & society. Able to grasp & retell the most advanced concepts simply.

7. Patience and expertise in market research

User feedback, market scan, facts & figures, graphs & charts – one or more of those hide a unique story. Creativity is an output of research. No way around it, it is time well spent.

8. Proven process and methodology, with a strategic approach

From the onset, all ideas, proposals & drafts closely adhere to clients’ requirements. Through a string of approvals, the creative process stays under control all the way to delivery.

9. Adaptability and variety of styles and formats

While most writers specialize, our mileage includes video, conversion, native, PR, SEO, SM, technical writing & more.
Our style can be ‘tecky‘, ‘professional’ or ‘funky’ – as required.

10. Professionalism and dependability

Loyal to your mission and to the rules of our trade,
we flag inconsistencies, omissions or flaws wherever they surface.
You can rely on us for excellence in thinking and execution.

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